Jack Grothe, Executive Officer
June Grothe, President

Project Management Team

Presidents Message:

If everyone claims to be on time and on budget, how do you choose a general contractor?

Customer Service.

To define customer service is to define the essence of JG  Construction.  Established in 1979, JG Construction is a family-owned business built on the strength of commitment to work as a team to provide quality, professionalism and most of all - satisfaction.

We believe that the "team" concept is the most successful approach to any given project.   A professional team is assembled for each project and will remain on that project from bid to completion.  We know that this cohesive unit consistently comes through for our client.

As commercial general contractors, JG Construction handles a vast range of projects, from ground-up to tenant improvements to interior remodels.  With our strong network of tradesmen, we have completed projects in many states and consider the west coast our area of expertise. From top-level management to clerical staff, everyone at JG Construction shares a common commitment to serve the client with excellence in quality,  delivery and service.  We consider a project a complete success when we've met every one of our client's expectations.

Jack and June Grothe